Youtuber Spots UFO Ships Orbiting Our Sun!

Since the dark side of the moon doesn’t seem to be getting much attention anymore – I mean, really, every Mary, Suzy, and John now has some “photo” about a moon base – it seems the sun will finally have it’s time to shine… or so to speak!

In a recent video posted to Youtube, a “UFOlogist” – the one –logist occupation that does not require a college degree – claims to have found several photos recording alien ships orbiting our sun. His theory? UFOs are controlling the sun’s heat and how much Earth receives of it, or worse yet they may be harvesting some ‘rare and powerful element’ from it. However, this weird account is by no means the first. ‘Six to seven years’ ago, Russian scientists claimed to have seen the same events occur. These photos this Youtuber claims to have been buried due to evidence of UFO, where taken by the Solar Heliospheric Observatory.

But I doesn’t end there! Another UFO hunter claims to have seen a huge alien structure that resembles an ‘intergalactic cruiser’ moving in the direction of Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Jupiter has long been veiled with mystery and has inspired innumerous theories about aliens living in its vast oceans under the icy surface.

Well then, we’ll be waiting to take that ‘cruiser’ for a spin. Hopefully, the long wait wouldn’t have been so overrated.