Young girls broadcast live streaming their death

Two young girls, a 16-year-old and a 24-year-old, lost their livesafter a shocking car accident they had while driving in the city of Izyum, Ukraine. Even more tragic in the case is that the two girls broadcasted live streaming  their death, as seconds before the fatal accident  occured broadcasted live streaming through Instagram.

16-year-old beauty queen Sofia Magerko and her best friend Dasha Medvedeva broadcasted live streaming while drinking alcohol and having fun with the car on the go. As Independent reported, they called out “hello boys” to the camera, laughing and commenting on how much they enjoyed life. At the time of the crash that deprived them of life, the screen was blacked out.

16-year-old Sofia Magerko, who had won a title of beauty in Izyum’s beauty, died instantly while 24-year-old Dasha Medvedeva died while she was transferred to the hospital. According to Independent, in the shocking video the passers-by are heard the screaming: “There is a dead one there. The other is out of the car. ”

After the last tragic accident, the conversation about social media streaming software and its usefulness reopened.