Woman was driving on a motorway with a man on the hood

As he was driving at the busiest Miami highway, Daniel Midta, witnessed an unlikely incident he recorded with his cell phone and upload it on CBS. The engineering student suddenly saw a black car in the hood of which there was a man talking on his cell phone!

The luxury car was driven by a woman who also spoke on the phone, most likely with the man on the hood. And all this with the car moving at 120 km / h! As the eyewitness notes, despite the danger of the situation, both of them seemed calm.

It was scary and at the same time crazy and funny. I had never seen anything like this in my life, “says Midas.

“They threatened their lives, but also the lives of the people around them. If you fell from the bonnet it would end up on me. The strangest thing is that both of them looked very quiet as if nothing happened “, he adds.

The Florida authorities have vehicle data and have begun investigations to find out exactly what happened.