How we will spend our time in autonomous vehicles?

Autonomous driving is one of the main pillars of future driving. It will not be implemented soon, as there are so many outstanding issues not only in terms of infrastructure, but rather regulations and legislation, which should first be resolved until the image of motor traffic is fully changed as we know it so far.

The first fully autonomous vehicles are expected to be used in ride-hailling, with the US having the first since they are already running experimentally in some states.

According to a study conducted by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), vehicles that will support Level 4 and 5 autonomous driving (going alone without human intervention) will account for just 4% of all new cars by 2030, with the share firing at 51% by 2040.

Until then, we can imagine that it will be to bring our car to our destination, without worrying about it or being annoyed because we are stuck in a traffic jam.

Before proceeding with the findings, it is worthwhile to see some evidence on how much average drivers spend on the wheel every day. North American drivers, for example, are estimated to spend 52 minutes a day, in Germany and Britain close to 50 minutes, while the Spaniards more than an hour.

Ipsos therefore asked drivers to spend their time in the car when they no longer need to drive their own cars. The question concerns a 60-minute route, with respondents having to choose between seven alternative activities.
– Keep on watching the road.
– Communicate either directly or by phone, email, messenger, video
– To sleep
– Relax by watching movies / video / TV or playing video games
– Work with their jobs, send professional mails and make business calls
– Relax by reading
– Indulge in online shopping

Their answers are of great interest and demonstrate the cautiousness with which the world faces autonomous driving, which is quite normal, as it is a new, completely unknown world.