White House Welcomes Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

The name on every woman’s – I mean, every Canadian citizen‘s mind. Justin Trudeau, new Prime Minister of Canada and son of longtime Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, has introduced a fresh, young, and modern spirit to the Canadian Government, and has obviously become the world’s favorite Prime Minister.

It’s also just as obvious, that President Obama is also a fan! The young, liberal PM was given the most honorable welcome to Washington DC by President Barack Obama; the visit included a state dinner, the first since 1997. Mr. Trudeau was of course accompanied by his lovely wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau.

Trudeau was expected to “make a real splash in Washington” according to his Trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland. Well, thank you for stating the obvious, Ms. Freeland; we’re sure he’d make a splash with every citizen no matter where Mr. Trudeau lands!

However, regardless of whether President Obama seems to have warmed up to Mr. Trudeau, this honor would be greatly due to the fact that more than $2 billion worth in traded goods and services makes its way across the Canadian borders and into the US daily, making Canada the State’s largest trading partner!