What’s behind the case of the Russian journalist who faked his own death

The dramatic appearance in Ukraine of a disagreeing Russian journalist who was allegedly murdered raises many questions, German Foreign Minister Haikos Maas said, adding that he expects to receive more information during his visit later today in Kiev.

“In his case (Arkady) Babcsenko … in the first place, we have to be happy that this man is alive,” said Maas at a press conference with a senior Chinese official.

“It raises many questions. To be honest, the information I have is not sufficient to come to any conclusion. I expect, when I will be in Kiev this afternoon, to receive the necessary information so that I can form an opinion, “said Maas.

For its part, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today described Babpsenko’s directorial murder as ‘unbearable’ and ‘unacceptable’.

According to the Athenian Agency, the Ukrainian authorities had stated that Arkady Babcsekko, a 41-year-old critic of President Vladimir Putin and Russian politics in Ukraine and Syria, was shot and killed in his apartment on Tuesday. But Babcsenko reappeared on Wednesday (yesterday), amid a press conference about his assassination.

“Arkady Babcsenko is still alive and can continue to do his job as a critical journalist: the news is great,” says Philippe Leut, IFJ president, in a statement. But by falsely spreading its new assassination, the Ukrainian authorities have seriously damaged the credibility of information, and their information is in danger of being considered a propaganda business.”