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Weight Loss Can Reverse Diabetes


To so many people, being diagnosed with diabetes is akin to being given a death sentence. It’s a chronic disease that has quite the list of bad consequences, and what’s worse, you have to curb that sweet tooth forever!

A new research, however, may be the answer for that death sentence. Turns out, diabetes can be fully reversed by weight loss! This is achieved by caloric restriction which triggers weight loss, and thus reverses the disease. Even patients who have had diabetes  for more than a decade can reverse it with this method.


When you lose fat from your body, the fat on your pancreas also melts off, which then boosts its insulin production. This little golden cure was proven back in 2011. Furthermore, a new study was recently conducted regarding this issue on a sample of 30 people who have had Type 2 Diabetes anywhere from 8 to 23 years. They were put on a low calorie diet of 600 to 700 calories per day, and lost 14 kg on average. After being monitored for 6 months, these people did not regain the weight and a dozen of them had completely reversed their diabetes. As for those that hadn’t witnessed a full reverse, their blood sugar levels showed a significant improvement.

This study also gives credit to the theory of a Personal Fat Threshold. While the studies sample of people did lose weight, they all remained overweight or obese. Still, almost half had reversed their disease and the rest showed improved sugar levels in their blood. This means that when a person passes the weight limit that their metabolism can personally tolerate, they activate their diabetes. However, when you lose this weight and go back to the normal weight, this diabetes is reversed.

If this isn’t motivation enough for everyone of you with diabetes, I don’t know what is!