Vicious circle of cryptos

At the dawn of 2018, the entire planet watched in awe the unbelievable rally of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptic. It is through analyzes, warnings, and dare-for-money predictions that “this is the currency of the future”, some entrepreneurs have decided to risk. They deposited much of their money in cryptos, mainly bitcoin and ethereum, in order to double, triple, their properties. But this investment is not called accidentally “high risk”.

The continuation of the story is well known. After the rally, bitcoin that had more than doubled its value in a year, began to “deflate”. Until it recorded a sharp decline, close to 6,000 euros per piece (from 10,000+) to stabilize today just above the “psychological limit” of 7,000 euros.

Those who understood it early were “pulled”. Those who have the financial strength to support their investment keep it, waiting for a new rally, as the bureaus in the world grow and transactions with cryprobes. But for those who were hoping for a quick gain, things are not particularly good.

Today, with several supervisors, but also the publishers themselves, to regulate, there are not a few investors who have positions on high-leverage high-risk financial products, such as cryptosanisations, who are having trouble disbursing their money if we assume that they want to “pull” them directly, due to the great risk that hackers have added to “electronic wallets”, slowing down the processes.