Us vs Russia! The war is too close. Putin’s connection with global terrorism

Following the bill issued a few days ago by US senators, the US-Russia “war” is almost inevitable.  They propose an info for finding and sanctioning Putin’s assets and linking Russia directly to global terrorism. A new escalation is expected between the superpowers, which will affect the whole planet.

The bill issued last week by US senators from both parties, the text of which is at the disposal of the Russian newspaper Kommersant, suggests inter alia that the US dollar-denominated US dollar bills be blocked, that the assets of Vladimir Putin around the world and to recognize Russia as a state financing terrorism.

Kommersant writes that many articles in the bill, drafted by republican senator Lindsey Graham in co-operation with three other colleagues, are not only about Russia but also American President Donald Trump. In particular, the senators are asking Trump to show more harshness in the enforcement of the sanctions imposed in the past, and to set up a “sanction coordinating office” in agreement with the European Union to support sanctions.

The bill titled “Law to Protect American Security Against the Kremlin Aggression 2018” was issued last Wednesday, but because a large amount of information has to be studied, it has not been published until now. The newspaper writes that Senators at the beginning of the text call on Trump to prevent Russia from intervening in US state-owned activities.

The second US Senator’s prompting is to ask the Russian government publicly to return Crimea to Ukraine. This paragraph calls on Moscow to stop supporting separatist forces in Georgia and Moldova and to stop supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Russian newspaper also refers in detail to the most painful part of the bill concerning Russia and is nothing but the economic one. In this part of the bill, it is proposed to ban US transactions (and the freezing of accounts) of seven Russian banks, which are already under sanctions, including Sberbank, VTB, VneshekonomBank, PromsviazBank. In practice this means that these banks will not be able to have regular US dollar accounts in US banks.

The Kommersant newspaper notes that this is exactly what Russia’s business circles are most afraid of. Among other things, the draft law essentially provides for a ban on government debt-related transactions but concerns the issuance of new bonds, which greatly limits the potential impact of such a ban.

In addition, Proposed US Senators in the bill they have presented describe those mechanisms, which can force Donald Trump to apply sanctions more effectively. In fact, they propose that within 60 days of the bill being passed, the “Kremlin List” be renewed and the investigation to locate Vladimir Putin’s assets be launched.