US Pentagon lost $ 800 million






Twenty-five thousand people working in the DLA are trying to find documents to justify a $ 800 million hole, BBC reports, citing a US political site, Politico.

“The service agrees with Ernst and Young’s assessment of our failure to successfully track the cost of spending on military projects,” said a spokesman for DLA at the British BBC network.

“Despite the lack of relevant documents, there has not been a total loss of asset-based auditing but also other related funding,” the spokesman added.

“DLA is the first service that, given its size and the complexity of its bureaucratic organization, has begun an audit, and its executives do not expect the case to be cleared up from the original investigation cycles, she admitted source.

It is noteworthy that the responsible Pentagon accounting department was established during the Second World War and takes measures to improve its operation.

“As we are responsible for the proper management of American taxpayers’ money, our goal is to fully comply with the auditing requirements for the financial year 2018,” said the DLA spokesman.