US fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in Alaska

Two US fighter jets intercept yesterday two Russian bombers flying in an international airspace, off the coast of Alaska.

The two TU-95 “Bear” bombers were flying to the Air Defense Identification Zone, about 322 km off the Alaska West Coast, about 10 am (local time), according to a statement in the CNN of Major Canadian Army representative (NAADC), Andrew Hennessy, of the Canadian Army.

Two American North American (NORAD) F-22 fighters, stationed in Alaska, visibly inhibited and recognized the Russian bombers until they left the recognition zone. Russian aircraft did not enter the US airspace, according to CNN, which cited the statement.

Russian bombers TU-95 and TU-142 remained under escort of two F-22 fighters in an international airspace for 40 minutes, the Russian news agency RIA reported, citing the Russian Defense Ministry. US fighters have maintained a safety distance of 100 meters from Russian bombers, according to the Russian armed forces.