What upseted Kim Kardashian’s daughter

Condemned to receive the flash of the paparazzi, whether going to the ballet or the zoo, North West does not seem to enjoy it as her mother Kim Kardashian.

North West, recently went to the Ice Cream Museum with her mother, where dozens of photographers waited outside the famous reality show star with her daughter. On their way out, on the road to the car, the flashlights started to light up.

Then Little North West screamed as louder as she could: No pictures! Kim Kardashian and Kaney West four-year-old daughter , keeps the ice cream and looks really annoyed. And no matter how cute it is, it is very uncomfortable to see a child so upset.

This child’s reaction has begun a major gossip on social networks, whether the choice of her parents’ career should violate the innocence and serenity of their child. What kind of effect will this disruption have on the personal life, as she grows up?

But North West’s mother, Kim Kardashian, does not seem to be particularly bothered by her upset daughter.