Unlucky guy lost $750 million

The big and unique jackpot winner of the American Lotto won more than $ 758 million (she will probably collect about 443) and one of the first things she did is to give up her job. It sounds reasonable as nobody would want to work in a hospital with a fortune slightly larger than Beyonce’s.

The unfortunate case is Richard Lord, who is now whining about his ex girlfriend. The 63-year-old was the boyfriend of Mavis Wanczyk for 15 years and finally the couple broke up shortly before the fate smiled at the former nurse.

The reason is that he didn’t want to marry her, as he says! And somewhere here is where karma played a very messy game for him. Richard lost ¬†everything, because if he had marry her now, he would be entitled to half of her earnings according to the law of Massachusetts.

But that was precisely the reason that Richard didn’t want another marriage. After divorcing with his first wife, he lost half of his fortune and did not want to do the same mistake. “I could pay off the debt for the rest of the house, take a holiday in Europe – sometimes life is not treating you well,” 64-year-old told DailyMail.com.

“But I’m happy for her. Surely I have nothing against her. I hope she enjoys all this money – she has a lot more, “he said.