Two legal substances that are worse than drugs

What is the greatest risk of the developed countries, causing death, sickness and addiction, to a much worse degree than drugs?

According to a new study published in “Addiction”, tobacco and alcohol! World Statistics on Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Drugs for 2007 was recently published and explains that alcohol and tobacco have the greatest human health footprint of all the harmful substances we call drugs.

The disproportionately bad hurt, researchers say, certainly has to do with the fact that you find them more easily – and legally – than illegal drugs. According to their statistics, 18% of people “drink heavy” at least once a month, while 15% smoke on a daily basis. On the contrary, the world last year used m*******a at 3.8% and amphetamine at 0.77%. 0.37% opium and 0.35% cocaine.

Those who make the highest consumption of alcohol and tobacco on average are Europeans, a trend that has remained since 2015 when the use of these substances has doubled to the average world average: Eastern Europe (11.98 liters ), Central Europe (11.61 liters) and Western Europe (11.09 liters).

On drugs, however, Europe seems to be doing better because it prefers alcohol and tobacco. The US and Canada are the leading ones in cannabis, opioid and cocaine use, while Australia and New Zealand have the highest averages of amphetamine use.

China, India and Indonesia also have large numbers in smokers, and at the same time have the highest mortality rate for drinkers. Data from the survey were drawn by the World Health Organization, the UN and a number of institutions…