Trump announces sanctions against Pyongyang







US President Donald Trump announced that within the day, new sanctions against North Korea would be imposed on a telephone conversation with his Chinese counterpart, Shi Jinping, on the occasion of the latest test of Pyongyang’s intercontinental ballistic missile.

“Trump stressed the need for China to use all available means to persuade North Korea to end its challenges and return to the path of de-nuclearisation,” the White House said in a statement issued after the two leaders’ talks.

The US president himself, with a message posted on Twitter, warned that “significant sanctions” would be imposed on North Korea. “I just talked to President Shi Jinping of China about the provocative actions of North Korea. Additional significant sanctions will be imposed on North Korea today. We will settle this situation! ”

For its part, the President of China reiterated that Beijing’s ultimate goal is to de-nuclearalize the Korean Peninsula, maintain the international nuclear non-proliferation regime and maintain peace and stability in the North-East Asia region.

According to Xinhua, Si told the US president that China wants to maintain its communication with Washington and all other interested parties and jointly push for a peaceful settlement of the issue through dialogue and negotiations.