The travel blogging couple that gets paid a six figure salary

A post on Instagram can bring them up to 8,500 euro! And here’s how they do it. Meet 26 year old Jack Morris  and the 24-year Boulen Lauren, who met in Fiji in 2016 and have since that year being together, traveling in many countries.

For most of us, the idea to let our jobs in order to travel the world, it is nothing more than a big dream that is difficult to come true, but this couple has managed. On Instagram, have an influenced at least three million fans, whatever they will post on their Instagram account will gain at least 3,000 euros. They support tourism businesses and large corporate names.

In the Do You Travel blog, Jack recently shared his secrets about the photos, which they take for themselves, admits that the time matters. As mentioned, the photos are taken more often at sunrise and when there is absolute calm. Today, the couple lives in Bali, from where they are planning their next trips.