Tom Hanks helped a man with his marriage proposal

A marriage proposal remains unforgettable in every woman’s memory, especially when a famous actor like Tom Hanks helps for that.

The Oscar-winning actor and writer was found at a Texas Book Festival and helped a man make a marriage proposal to his beloved. Hanks was in Austin on Saturday to talk to hundreds of listeners about his new book, “Uncommon Type: Some Stories”.

At one point, he stood up and told the astonished crowd that he was bored to answer their questions and how he would like to¬† ask something. He then took of a piece of paper out of his pocket and said that a man in the crowd Ryan McFarling had a question for a woman named Nike Yang which is: “Would you marry me?”

The couple stepped on the stage, MacFarling knelt and gave a ring to his beloved. Then Hanks embraced the young woman and wished the best for the couple.