Three countries are requesting the extradition of Mr. Bitcoin from Greece

The extradition of the man, known as Mr Bitcoin, simultaneously ask three countries – the USA, Russia and France. In all three countries, Vinc is accused of offenses related to dark internet and laundering, through a bitcoin platform, astronomical sums of black money. Greek justice has already approved his release in the US. He has consented to be issued in Russia. And today, at a public meeting of the Council of Appeal a request for the delivery of Vinik to the French authorities is to be discussed.

According to Kathimerini, 38-year-old Russian is considered by the US to be the manager of the BTC-e digital coin platform, which allegedly legitimizes the profits of criminal organizations. He himself denies these accusations. Last December, Supreme Court accepted the request for extradition to the United States. A similar request had been sent by the Russian authorities for another case, with the same consenting to return to his home country.

Following the decision of Supreme Court, Vinic sought asylum in Greece, delaying his extradition to the United States. At first instance, the asylum claim was rejected and his appeal will be examined on 13 September. And while until recently it was claimed by two countries, the US and Russia, his case is complicated – and legally – more after the French move.

Their warrant is dated June 16. He refers exclusively to the dispersion of Locky, stressing that his regular upgrades refer to a criminal group action. According to the French warrant, from the ransom payments analysis, the BTC-e platform identified a 20,643 bitcoins (over 130 million euros) as a ransom from 5,700 victims worldwide – among which are above 100 French citizens.

Given the non-execution of the American extradition request so far, the European warrant can not be a hasty move, so that the US can later claim it from France. Instead, as the venue of the offense, the French also report the USA, besides Paris, Lyon and other cities in their country.