She thought she was 8 months pregnant. But what really grew in her belly, shocked the doctors

22-year-old Kirsty Butler was excited to be pregnant. Her belly was growing fast, so she did a pregnancy test. The result was positive, so she went to a doctor who told her she was 30 weeks pregnant, based on the size of her belly. Believing she was 8 months pregnant, she said to everyone.

But the truth was shocking. Her real baby was only 6 weeks old. What was it that made her belly grow so fast? It was a mass of 30 centimeters. As soon as the doctors realized it, they arranged for an urgent surgery to remove the huge bladder that pressed her internal organs.

Butler works as a supervisor. Her pregnancy was a dream come true for her and Celern, her 21-year-old boy. When the doctors calculated her pregnancy based on the size of her abdomen, they did ultrasound and discovered that the young woman was pregnant, but she also had a bladder in the ovaries that cleared the uterus and the fetus.
The baby’s life was hanging from a thread.

Although the doctors did everything they could to remove the bladder, Butler lost the baby at 11 weeks. “My baby was overwhelmed by the huge bladder, I was crushed,” she said. “My unborn baby was tiny.” Her colleagues asked her if she was pregnant, so she decided to do a pregnancy test.

“I had not noticed it myself, but when they continued to ask me, I decided to do a pregnancy test. It was positive and Celern and I were excited. Doctors predicted I was 30 weeks at this stage, my belly grew fast. When they sent me for ultrasound, our nightmare started. I did not have a baby in my womb. It was a 20 cm to 30 cm bladder that grew every day.

My belly was actually a huge mass. My unborn baby was tiny, still too small to inflate my belly. “Although she was initially enthusiastic about pregnancy, she soon realized that the cyst inside her was a killer who stole the life of her unborn baby.

When she went for ultrasound a week after surgery, she learned the bad news. “When I was doing ultrasound last week, they told me there was no heartbeat.” She decided to do the surgery and remove the bladder. And now she wants to share her story with the world, so that no other woman would have the same nightmare.

“I was lucky that my bladder was benign, but I had to remove my ovary because it was destroyed. If it had stayed elsewhere, it would destroy my organs. “Despite the tragic loss, Butler and Celern are hoping to make a family soon.

“I will be very careful the next time my belly will begin to inflate,” she said. According to her exams she will be able to get pregnant again. “It was a traumatic experience to lose my baby after the ovary and recover from surgery.