The new risky online challenge has gone viral and is really dangerous

A new challenge has gone viral among internet users and involves the use of candies in the shape of a light bulb and is about the same size. Social media users buy apple-like candies which are made mainly of sugar. Then they upload their photos and videos as they try to fit the whole sweet into their mouths.

The “sweet- light bulbs” as they are called are about the same size as an light bulb and according to Chinese media have sold thousands of pieces lately. In fact, a company that creates them “was out of stock due to increased orders”.

This challenge is characterized really dangerous by doctors who warn about this new fashion. Doctor Xiao Cheng told Xibu Online that these sweets can cause “choking even asphyxia”. Another doctor, Dr Zhang Jin’an, added that the level of sweet sugar can be dangerous for diabetics, and there is a risk of injury.

“Most people can open their mouth about four centimeters, while the sweet has a diameter of six centimeters,” he says.