The new era of SUV comes from Lamborghini and its called Urus!

Equipped with a V8 twin-turbo engine, with a capacity of 4.0 liters and 650 hp, with 850 Nm of torque, the new Urus is an off-road face of Aventador and Gallardo. The decision of the Italians to hit the luxury sports SUV (with Porsche Cayenne …) brought a new model in the foreground, with all the features of the brand and almost twice as high!

The Urus is a SUV-sized SUV, based on the VW Group MLB floor, 5,112 meters long, 2,016 width and 1,638 meters high! Its wheelbase exceeds 3mm 3 meters while its weight is 2,154kg. For numbers, therefore, it is impressive that it manages to accelerate from 100 km / h to 3.6 km / h. continues at 200 km / h to 12.8 km / h. and allows its console to reach the maximum mark of 305 km / h!

Of course, the drive is transmitted to all 4 wheels via an electro-hydraulically controlled 8-speed automatic transmission. Torque is naturally transported at 40/60 at the front and rear axle at the same time, but when needed, these percentages change, reaching 70% ahead or 87% back. Here, it is worth mentioning that Urus borrows Aventador’s four-way system. It has the ability to turn the rear wheels, at low speeds and on the same side, at high speeds. Thus, it gains both in flexibility, stability and directionality.

The driver can choose between 6 + 1 driving modes. More specifically there are Strada, Sport, Corsa, Newe (for snow), Terra (for off-road), Sabbia (for sand) and a customizable one called Ego. For the 3 functions that have to do with uneven ground, the floor of the car is raised automatically to facilitate movement. Particularly worth mentioning are its brakes, as they are the biggest in the world for a production car. We are talking about ceramic discs in front, 17.3 inches, with twenty-four calipers!

Inside, one can admire the flat bottom steering wheel, large screens and various advanced electronics. The materials used are of top quality, while the design is in line with the philosophy of the brand. Urus will be available in early 2018, with a price in Europe of around 200,000 euros. Lamborghini expects to have 3,500 cars a year, and later – perhaps in 2019 – a new, plug-in hybrid version.