The benefits of books

Reading is a complex process, involving all areas of the brain (occipital, parietal, frontal lobe, etc.). It is an activity in which we use both hemispheres of the brain.

Reading activates the frontal lobe, from which depend all automatic body functions such as breathing or cardiac function, reading is considered beneficial, even for the respiratory system or our heart! Let us examine in more detail how the book affects the mind and body.

1. It reduces stress and improves mood. Reading reduces stress and is much more relaxing than the music or a walk. Think about it … What’s more relaxing than to “get lost” through the pages of a book, making images with your mind?
When you need a break, just open a book and in an instant you are transfered to another world, a world that is built by you, with the images of your mind …

2. Protects against heart attacks. According to research at the University of Sussex, if you read for 6 minutes  a book per day, is enough to avoid a heart attack!

3. Helps people to recover who have suffered a stroke. As scientists say, those “readers’ who have had a stroke, have more fast and dramatic improvement compared to those who do not read a book.

4. It enhances memory and protects us from dementia. Researchers of the “Mayo Clinic» confirm that the middle-aged who spend time in reading, have 40% less risk of developing impaired their memory or Alzheimer’s. How is this done? The book prevents brain cells die, so the readers protected from dementia.