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Tesla’s Model X: An electronic car with Falco Wings


Photograph: Stephen Lam/Reuters

The long- awaited electronic sport utility vehicle (SUV) was unveiled by Tesla Motors in Fremont, California.  The Model X has 17in touchscreen, radar technology, and falcon wings that open when they sense that a driver is approaching.

The unveiling comes amid speculations that low-carbon vehicles will increase in the market after Volkswagen emission scandal.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, Model X is the company’s most advanced automobile. The look of the Model X and its specifications will definitely catch the motorists’ eyes that have been bored by the traditional automotive industry

Musk claimed that Volkswagen scandal indicates that time is ripe for car makers to employ technology to make advanced cares or they risk being wiped out.

“Volkswagen scandal shows that we’ve reached the end of what can use diesel and gasoline,” he said.

The car that will approximately cost consumers up to $144,000 was launched in 2013. It marks the latest stem in the company’s plan to change the automotive industry. The company is hopeful that it will develop full autonomous cars within a period of less than three years.

David Bailey, an industry professor at Aston Business in the Midland, reported that electronic cars are still a luxury product currently. However, he said that emission crisis marks important moment in the industry since it will encourage carmakers to put more effort in development and research.

The Tesla’s Model X is a step-up in electric automotive technology. The car has a top speed of 155mph and its battery lasts after covering 250 miles. In addition, the seven-seat car is equipped with a touchscreen to help controlling  entertainment systems and driving,

According to analysts at Fitch, with Tesla and other companies working to develop electronic cars, the Volkswagen crisis could mark a turning point in the automobile industry. The scandal could accelerate production of vehicles with alternative power, including electronic and fuel cells.