Tesla is preparing to invest in Greece

The company that has linked its name to electric cars is in talks with the Greek government to set up a research and development unit (R & D) in Greece

Tesla’s action plan in Greece does not currently concern a production unit, but research and development, with the Greek government – in particular Deputy Minister for Research and Innovation, who has taken the initiative to bring in Greece the company of Elon Musk – to seek to link the company to some of the country’s research infrastructure.

Specifically, the American company, one of the largest technology companies in the world, with a particular activity in electric cars, as well as energy storage and RES, has been in talks with the Greek government for some months to set up a research and development unit R & D) in Greece.

The final investment decisions have not yet been taken, as Tesla seeks to secure the best possible conditions for them before proceeding with the project. The challenge for Tesla is to secure the maximum benefit with the least possible burden and risk for its investment, and therefore what the government is asking for at this stage are concrete interventions that will shape the most favorable for the same framework.

It is worth noting, however, that in an interview with Sunday’s Dawn, Grrek Deputy Minister for Research and Innovation stressed that the government’s immediate objectives are to attract R & D departments of foreign and dynamically evolving companies in Greece. This statement explores, inter alia, the government’s expectations for reaching agreement with Tesla.

Moreover, it is a fact that the government is particularly active in its partnerships with the US government and US companies, as it transpired during the Greek Prime Minister’s trip on the other side of the Atlantic and its meeting with Trump.

At this point it is worth mentioning that even the highly active US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt has mentioned the prospects of Greek-American cooperation and research and education.

However, Tesla already has a man who can explain firsthand how things are in Greece, as the head of the Tesla Motors Electric Engine and Design in Silicon Valley, California, is Greek. Kostas Laskaris, Chief Motor Designer of Tesla Motors, who has been working for the American giant since 2012.