Ten most interesting facts about money

They say that money can not buy happiness, but certainly many other things. Read below some truths and interesting facts that apply to money and its use.

  1.  The International Space Station is the most expensive item ever built and cost $ 150 billion.
  2.  Sea shells were once used in many parts of the world as money.
  3.  According to great research, spending money on others makes you happier than spending it for you.
  4. Each banknote can carry an influenza virus for more than two weeks.
  5. The 100 richest people in the world have earned so much money in 2012 that they could end global poverty not one but four times.
  6. According to researchers, the rich in Florence, Italy, are now the descendants of the same families that were wealthy 600 years ago.
  7. About $ 1.5 trillion is paid for bribes each year, according to the World Bank estimates.
  8. The world’s most expensive pizza cost about 4,700 euros, and caviar, lobster and gold leaves were in the materials.
  9. 70% of the world’s millionaires, when asked, said they did not consider themselves wealthy.
  10. An average dollar bill has been calculated to have up vaginal bacteria, oral microbes, DNA from pets and viruses.