Teacher fed a turtle with a puppy in front of his students

Robert Crosland is a professor of science at Idaho High School and, according to reports, has come to the game of plausibility very far. The teacher is accused of putting a puppy in a sea turtle, at the aquarium which was set up in his classroom, in front of the astonished eyes of his students and the abhorrence of their parents later.

Parents gather more signatures to get the teacher fired and have already collected 190,000 of the 200,000 needed. The puppy, the press revealed, was “sick,” but was alive when he threw it into the aquarium to feed his turtle.

Crosland was officially accused of animal abuse, and if convicted, he would spend a half-year in jail and pay a dirty fine. “According to the head of public education in the area, the incident took place after school hours, although several students were present,” we read in the petition, “a local animal activist reported the incident to the police, which launched an investigation. Since then more details have emerged. The puppy was reported to be alive but sick when Crosland put it in the turtle. ”

“The event happened well after the pupils’ wisdom and was not part of any school program,” officials from both school and secondary schools rushed to distances. Even with the Idaho Statesman newspaper, Crosland’s turtle was euthanized …