The sweetest pit bull!

We would love to introduce you Hulk, which as you can see understand from the images the name is not a coincidence. The name is inspired by the monstrous green hero of Marvel, who was of immense dimensions. Hulk (the dog) holds the record of the biggest pit bull and it is not even 2 years old.

Hulk already weighs 80 pounds and it’s size can really frighten you, but basically it’s like all the other puppies. It’s an adorable loyal and friendly dog.
The bosses of the Hulk,  Marlon and Lisa Grennan, give undivided attention and love and so the four-legged giant has become a kind and obedient companion.

Many people have a stereotypical view of the pit bull. They think that it is wild and aggressive by nature. In fact it plays a role in every dog ​​it’s education.

The family totally trust their giant friend and let him hang out with their just three years old boy.
And Hulk’s story does not end here. Recently became a father of eight beautiful puppies. Maybe one day these 8  puppies might become giant dogs like their father?