Suzuki is expanding its interest to the Moon






Suzuki Motor announced that it will participate in the financing of a new start-up company dedicated to the exploration of the Moon. The company is called ispace and funding concerns its first two exploratory missions on our natural satellite.

Ispace, which has offices in Japan, Luxembourg and the US, aims in the medium term to create a fleet of spacecrafts that will be hired for the transport of materials and technological equipment to and from the lunar surface.

All this in view of the future permanent settlement of people on the moon. Before arriving there, however, ispace plans to perform two preliminary missions, the first one in 2019, in order to place a spacecraft on the moon and make observations.






The second one, which is already scheduled for the last quarter of 2020, will result in the recruitment of the Uncle, which will then unleash a fleet of smaller vehicles to explore and map the ground.

The details of the funding are not publicized, but ispace said in a statement that it has already raised $ 90.2 million from many investors, including Suzuki, the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Development Bank of Japan, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Konica Minolta, Shimizu, SPARX, Dentsu, Real Tech Fund, KDDI, Japan Airlines and Toppan Printing.