Stress according to scientists can help people’s memory

Stress can help people remember various things, is the study finding of the University of Waterloo. The study involving 80 undergraduate students / fighters found that manageable levels of anxiety, in fact, helped people to be able to recall the details of the events. He also finds that when stress levels rise too high or fall too low to fear, they could lead to the coloring of memories where people begin to associate negative elements of a negative experience.

“People with high anxiety should be careful,” says Myra Fernandes, one of the authors, a professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo. “To some extent, there is an optimal level of anxiety that is going to benefit your memory, but we know from another research that high levels of anxiety can make people reach a critical point that affects their memories and returns.”

The study refers to 80 undergraduates / students from the University [the students were 64] who completed the experiment. Half of the participants were randomly assigned by an in-depth, up-to-the-minute survey for grouping the survey elements, while the other half were defined by a team-topped survey team. All the participants participated in the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales or DASS.

It was discovered that people with high anxiety showed an increased sensitivity to influences of the emotional frame in their memory, neutral information being altered or colored with the emotion with which it was connected during coding. “Thinking about emotional events or thinking about relatively negative events this can put you in a negative attitude that can polarize or change the way you perceive the environment,” says Christopher Lee, a doctoral candidate at Waterloo. Something that is of the utmost importance to the second author of the study is to be a conscious knowledge of the general public.

Fernandes also says that for teachers, it is important to keep in mind that there could be individual factors that affect the memorisation of the material they have taught and that climate relief when they teach could be beneficial.