Stand-alone electric buses in Dubai






A new program has begun to “run” in Dubai, as part of the city’s technological effort to become the world’s smartest one.  In countries with great economic prosperity, everything can be tested to see if they can be established or not. Within the framework of the World Government Summit, the city of Dubai has launched a pilot project with small buses without a driver.

These vehicles are primarily designed for short distances, with their battery giving them autonomy for about three hours. Their small dimensions (length 2.87 meters, width 2.24 and height 2.82) make them very flexible while their weight is about 1.000 kg. They have the ability to carry ten passengers (four standing and six seated), with an average speed of 20 km / h.






Two or more of them can be connected to each other and turned into a train in within 20 seconds, and disconnect in less than 5 seconds. The initiative for their development lies with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and is part of the ambition of the Arab city to become the most “smart” in the world.

The ultimate goal is by 2030, 25% of mass transports in the city be served by stand-alone vehicles. The electric and autonomous small buses are produced in Italy by the American company Next Future Transportation, with which the Roads and Transport Authority-RTA cooperates.