Spent 60,000 euros for this result-She wants to become a “unique and exotic Barbie»

Almost € 60,000 has spent this depicted German girl, a former flight attendant, to be able to transform into “exotic Barbie», as she says. The Big Martina ,28 year old is, according to the Daily Mail and have breast size 32S. For her exotic color as she describes it; “dark crispy brown”, she is using special injections as well with solarium.

Martina says has the biggest breasts in Europe, having placed special implants that can be inflated further. she even says she plans to continue her investments in interventions.

Addicted to tanning, Big Martina once wanted to look like Pamela Anderson or Katie Price, but then decided that she had several curves. At the same time she wants to become more and more darker to see where reaching its limits. Martina began the operations in 2012, when her partner encouraged her to start modeling. She insists that she does not pretend to be a “black girl” but rather seeks to become a “unique and exotic Barbie”.