He spent 421 days without masturbation and these are the results






The discovery of body and erogenous zones is a normal part of life and masturbation has health benefits, as many research has shown.

But there is a movement, a movement that is not connected with religious beliefs, born on the Internet and calls on men to abstain from masturbation. The whole thing (“No Fap Movement”) was released to Reddit naturally after a Chinese survey claiming that if you are away from self-satisfaction, then your testosterone increases by 45%.

Luke Eilers was one of the people who believed in the news and decided to see how long he could withstand the sport. His own motivation was the addiction to p**n, from which he sought to get rid of it.

Speaking to YouTuber Andrew Hales, Luke explains how he feels about the journey he made to his country of abstinence: “The way I will describe it is that I feel like I’m 10% better in many areas, such as motivation, self-confidence, energy and spiritual clarity. Many people talk about superpowers that change their lives. I also feel the glitches of it. ”

Luke, however, makes clear that he had sex during abstinence, even p**n, but without self-satisfaction in mind. And now, having experienced these behavioral and physiological changes, he says,that he turned into a healer, helping through Skype young men who have become addicted to p**n, or are going through periods of melancholy and severe anxiety.

As for the NoFap movement, it has more than 285,000 members, who often publish their own experiences or achievements.