Space X Makes New Breakthrough Landing That Promises Future Commercial Space Travel!

The world has been buzzing with footage of Space X’s most recent landing only yesterday! The company filmed a 4k high definition footage of the historic rocket landing along with snippets filmed by on board cameras. It’s breathtaking!

Now, when you’re done watching and re-watching the video you’ll be asking yourself, “when will I finally be able to space travel?” and we’ll answer you, “Space X just brought that faraway future date a little closer!”

According to the Washington Post, Space X shared their footage via live web broadcast, and people crowded in front of their screens to watch. After the impossible vertical landing of Falcon 9, we didn’t think they could beat their record so quickly, but they did! The rocket used its engine thrust to slow down and land softly onto a boat in the Atlantic. Yes! On a boat!

Also, Space X’s Dragon spacecraft traveled all the way up through space to hover right next to the ISS. If flew at about 17,500 mph and came onto the ISS’s level at 7:23 am on Sunday. Previously, the main issue had been the delivery of food and cargo to the space station; however, recently, the company’s been focusing on landing the space crafts at sea. And after four previously unsuccessful sea landing, they finally made it!

But what is this beautiful event’s significance? Other than, you know, being incredible to watch! Well, this brings us one step closer to seeing space travel being offer to the masses. Space X have been focusing on recovering their launched space crafts, as opposed to the previous habit of just discarding them to sea. This would drastically lower the cost of space travel and would make it much cheaper to make it commercial.

Space X hadn’t launched a spacecraft since Falcon 9 in June. However, the CEO announced that the company will be launched a rocket every 2 to 3 weeks later on this year. They also plan to fly their newest space craft, the Falcon Heavy, which is equipped with 27 engines!

The lifelong dream of Space X remains flying to Mars… and if they continue at this pace, we bet it won’t be that far off in the future!