Snapchat lost 3 million users

Snapchat announced that in the second quarter of 2018 (end of July) it had 188 million active monthly users, about three million less than in the first quarter of the year (2% decrease). This is the first time Snapchat loses users, and analysts have begun to wonder if this is leading to more serious problems for the future.

At times, in the past, fears have been expressed that his success will prove as ephemeral as his content. Until now, Snapchat had dashed those Cassandra, but now seems to have “grabbed a ceiling,” which investors probably think, so the company’s shares dropped more than 8 percent on the New York Stock Exchange, where the company has been introduced since the beginning of 2017.

Snapchat CEO Ivan Spigel appeared optimistic about the platform’s prospects, according to the BBC and the New York Times, but declined to reveal whether the third quarter is recovering.

As a counterweight, Snapchat’s management has shown that the number of monthly users (those who use it at least once a month) has been increasing over time, while the number of users over 35 years is increasing. Each user spends an average of half an hour a day on Snapchat.

But a lot of users are grumbling about things like the new platform design, which they think is rather confusing, to the modest performance of Snapchat’s Android app, which lacks the functionality of the iPhone.