The smart bandage that sends data to your doctor through 5G!

Medicine is an area that could benefit greatly from the 5G networks and the IoT. In the case of “smart” bandage seems to be very close to the final product.

The University of Swansea is about to begin trials in 2018 for the first smart bandage, a “gauze” incorporating nanosensors, who will communicate directly with your doctor through 5G networks. The nanosensors will be able to see the recovery of wound healing and progress and send a report to the doctor in order to know the progress of the patient and how active are (mild physical activity can accelerate healing).

The doctor will inform the patient about the course and will recommend any action or treatment.

The  bandage will be manufactured by 3D printing so that to reduce the costs of production, except nanosensors that are manufactured separately and then be incorporated into the bandage