This small prophecy of Nostradamus has proved to be entirely correct






The physician, pharmacist, astrologist and occultist Michel de Nostradam believed that he could predict the future, so he recorded his prophecies in detail so that they would be a retention for future generations.

His name has been staggering over the centuries, both because of the fierce warfare and controversy that his predictions have accepted naturally and through thousands of his sworn believers who continue to read his four-pronged prophecies to anticipate earthquakes, deaths and disasters.

Whatever the verdict about the truth of his prophecies, one is certain: that his death also foretold him! Suffering from arthritis and gout during most of his adult life, his health deteriorated in his last years when he felt his fragile heart ready to betray him.

At the end of June 1566, Nostradamus wrote his lengthy will, leaving everything to his family, and in the afternoon of July 1 he told his secretary: “You will not find me alive at dawn.” The next morning he found him dead on the floor next to his bed …