The six targets of illuminati as described in a 1924 newspaper

This article in the Joplin Globe version of 21 June 1924 writes the six “principles” or goals of “Illuminati”:

  1. The abolition of the government.

2.The abolition of patriotism

3.The abolition of private property rights.

4.The abolition of all heritage rights.

5.The abolition of religion.

6.The abolition of family relationships.

The article titled “From Hell to Breakfast,” says:

“Fred R. Marvin, publisher of the Searhlight division of New York Commercial, is convinced that there is an organized effort to bring down the American government on the part of Communists and anarchists in Europe. It is not a hasty conclusion in his opinion, he is convinced of it only after thirty years of experience and research.

Historically, this effort goes back to the organization of the Illuminati Order in Bavaria two months before the Treaty of Independence in Philadelphia was signed. The “principles” of Iluminati were six in number, as follows: First, the abolition of the government; secondly, the abolition of patriotism; third, the abolition of private property rights; fourthly, the abolition of all inheritance rights; fifthly, the abolition of religion, and, finally, the abolition of family relations.

The Order of Illuminati has long disappeared – with that name. Marvin is convinced that there is still, and was responsible for all the radical efforts so well done in recent years by Lenin and his followers in Russia. He is sure that he works in America today, primarily seeking to create a mental state of riot, after mistrust, and ultimately, of class hate.

There are, according to Marvin, no fewer than 611 publications circulating in this country for the purpose of making people believe something that is untrue about the country’s government. Only seventy-seven out of 611 are issued in English.

Beyond that, there are over 200 organizations involved in the country, in some way, some form, some form, looking to degrade the country’s institutions. ” The article then closes with a statement of patriotism, saying that if the Americans were aware of what was going on, they would be united to eliminate all of these publications and organizations.

Antony Sutton’s book “Wall Street and the Revolution of the Bolsheviks,” the unofficial biography of George H. W. Bush “by Webster Tarpley and Isaacson / Thomas” The Wise Men “give a description of the power play behind the scene and the aftermath of the post-World War II redevelopment, mentioning the Illuminati Order.

It is said that this Order was responsible for the French Revolution and that its followers are the people who are now gathering in Davos and the Bilderberg Club. But on the other hand, there are many names and many of the groups are transient. Those who chase power always find a shell. Regardless of the names, the six objectives of the Illuminati, which Fred Marvin spoke in 1924, seem to fit well with some of today’s elite data about global society.