Siren, is an amazing digital woman

Epic Games and its partners, CubicMotion, 3Lateral, Tencent and Vicon, have today made a big step towards creating digital creatures by presenting to us Siren, a demo of a real-time the Epic Unreal Engine 4 technology.

This particular effort is a step towards the complete conversion of conventional movies and games using digital people that look and act as if they were real. The technology, which was presented at the Epic event at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, is available to toy and movie makers to use in their future projects.

Cubic Motion’s computer vision technology provides valuable tools to producers to easily and precisely create a digital animated person, saving time and cost, as the conventional method requires a lot of resources and a lot of work.

Epic Games Technology Leader Kim Libreri said during a press briefing on Wednesday at GDC: Creating dependable digital characters that you can interact with and direct in real time is one of the most exciting things to do have occurred in the graphics industry in recent years.