SHOCKING VIDEO: Stray dogs bite to death a young man

A terrible death found an 18-year-old boy in Russia when attacked by a herd of eight stray dogs. Another woman, mother of a child, in a different attack on the same street, fights for her life. 18-year-old Oleg Shushunov died of bleeding after the herd attack at around midnight as he walked to a friend’s home in Kursakovo, Russia.

Shushunov, who would soon become a father, brought several bites from the dogs.

The terrible attack took place a few hours before 24-year-old Kristina Rostova was attacked in a village near Moscow from a small herd of stray dogs. The woman was saved by a man who was in the spot.

The attack on the 18-year-old was recorded by a security camera and the video is now being examined by the police.