SHOCKING VIDEO of crying children seperated from their parents in US borders

It brakes hearts the sound of the tears of ten children from Central American countries, separated from their parents on the border with the US by the immigration control authorities. Their crying, is only interrupted by the words “Mommy” and “Daddy”, as children cry desperately to their parents.

At some point, the voice of a borderguard, who jokes by saying “Well, we have an orchestra here, we only miss the conductor”.

A six-year-old from El Salvador, asks again and again to call her aunt to come to her. Just a phone call, begging whoever listens to it. “My mom says I will go with my aunt and she will come to get me as soon as she can,” she insists, and she learned from her aunt’s phone.

Audiovisual was published by ProPublica and highlights in the smoothest and at the same time shaky way what exactly is happening with the government’s “no tolerance” policy, in which children are separated from their families by the border and parents are being persecuted.

More than a hundred children, separated from their families, are under four. They are initially kept in warehouses, tents or former department stores, which act as detention units for border police.

“It was the most difficult time in my life,” said the six-year-old aunt, who finally allowed the phone call after she refused to eat before she phoned. “She cried and begged me to go get her, he said,” I promise to be a good kid, please take me from here, I’m all alone “.

The most painful, as she describes, is that she could not do anything herself. She with her 9-year-old daughter has been seeking asylum in the US, living there for two years now. They left for the very same reasons and following the exact same route with her sister and niece. He says crime and gangs dominate in El Salvador. “It’s in the buses, the banks, the schools, the police. There is no place that a normal person feels safe, “he stresses.

Her sister and nephew paid $ 7,000 for smuggling through Guatemala and Mexico on the US border. The 6-year-old has not been able to talk to her mother, held in another facility near Texas, but the authorities have warned her that her mother is likely to be deported without her.

“I know he’s not an American citizen, but he’s a human. She is a child. How can they be treated like this? “She says about her niece.