Shocking revelation about Camila and the princely couple

A new book titled “Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne” comes down to the royal family of Great Britain. And to target once more Camilla Parker Bowles, who is again in a very difficult position.

According to the author of Christopher Anderson’s book, Cornwall’s duchess did not make the lives of the unhappy Princess Diana, but also of Kate Middleton, difficult. Indeed – always according to the book – her implied plans were to divide Prince William and Kate from the very first time of their relationship.

According to the writer, Camila was reported to be outraged when she was informed that after the death of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles (and her husband) would not succeed on the throne, but William’s son. Which means that she would never be a queen and her position would be young Kate. So, she put her plans to divorce the young couple, who was at the time at the university.

Indeed, in order to do so, he used Charles to brainwash him that Midtleton was not worthy to marry his son and future king because he did not have the necessary social background. And he succeeded, after the young couple before marrying, had separated for a long time.

Then both had claimed the stress of examinations at university, as well as the unbearable pressure that the paparazzi exercised, who did not let them take a breath. Unfortunately for Camila, her plans were wrecked and William and Kate’s love turned out to be much stronger.

We are always aware of it all. The couple married, got three beautiful children, and Kate Middleton immediately won the love of the British people while she was worshiped for her style. And yes, what worried Camila that the lights of publicity will all turn to the brunette girl, happened.

However, the truth is that there have been times when we have seen the two women even publicly have a tension between them. The last time, when everyone was telling the tension and almost made sure that their relationship is not what we call worship, Prince Harry and Megan Markl were married at the time of the mystery.