Shocking prophecy – we are a few weeks before World War III!

The self-proclaimed “messenger of God” Horacio Villegas who claims to have presided over Donald Trump’s presidency claims that World War III is just a few weeks away. Horacio Villegas predicted the exact date of the start of the Third World War, estimating that a nuclear war would break out on the 100th anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s visit to Fatima.

Medicium claims to have envisioned that Donald Trump will win the United States elections since 2015. He even predicted that the billionaire businessman would become the “illuminati king” who would bring the world to World War III. One of his prophecies seems to have come true as he warned that Donald Trumb will attack Syria. It was actually earlier in the month when Donald Trump launched a huge airborne airplane attack in Homs.

He also predicted that it would bring Russia, North Korea and China into a deadly global conflict, which if verified can happen within a few weeks. According to what is believed, the Virgin Mary visited Fatima in Portugal in 6 different occasions.

The first visit was reported to have taken place on May 13, 1917. This day, according to universal belief, the Virgin Mary warned people that if God’s requirements were not met, he would use the country to sow havoc in the world.

Villegas is convinced that the war will break out on the 100th anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s visit, in less than four weeks. The last visit is said to have happened on October 13, 2017. “The main message that people need to know to prepare is that this war will start between 13 May and 13 October causing great disaster, shock and death,” he said to Daily Star.