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Shocking New Breast Cancer Treatment Makes Tumors Vanish!

This truly might be the year cancer finally gets irradicated!

A new breast cancer treatment has been designed, combining two other treatment drugs, and has been found to have ‘staggering’ results; the tumors disappeared within 11 days!

The UK team working on this treatment announced their findings in the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam, saying that no treatment of cancer has ever triggered a response as fast as this. The treatment has been given to women in 23 UK hospitals with very aggressive forms of cancer. And after 11 says, the results showed that in 87% of the women, the cancer had completely stopped growing; in 17%, the tumors had shrunk significantly; and in 11% of the women, the tumors completely vanished!


This treatment combined two existing cancer treating drugs, Tyverb and Herceptin. The women were given this combination as soon as they were diagnosed with the cancer, as the initial aim was to attempt to shrink the tumors before surgically removing them. However, in some the tumors shockingly vanished!

Now, the tests were conducted on a relatively small sample of patients, only 66 of 257, but seeing as the results were so shockingly positive, more trials will be conducted soon. The combination would be given to women right after diagnosing them, as the smallest tumors have the best chance of being completely eradicated. The women would still have to go under surgery, however, in order to make sure the tumors are in fact gone.