Shocking colored photos of Pearl Harbor that cost 2.400 lives!

Newly colorized images show the horror of the attack on Pearl Harbor taht caused of 2400 peoplefrom the Japanese.

More than 2400 US servicemen and civilians died and are shown at the colorized images.

Pictured right is the keel of the USS Oklahoma which was  hit by five torpedoes, the last two of which struck above her belt armor and caused her to capsize

The attack initially proved a huge success, allowing the Japanese to expand rapidly into the Pacific and south east Asia, but ultimately saw the country defeated by America (pictured, the USS Shaw after two bombs penetrated its forward magazine)

In just 90 minutes more than 2,400 Americans lost their lives and seventeen ships were damaged or lost. Of the sailors who perished, more than half were killed when the forward magazine of the USS Arizona exploded (pictured, damaged ships)

Newly colorized images have brought home the full horror of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on the 76th anniversary of the assault (pictured, the USS West Virginia, which was hit by seven torpedoes)