Shock caused the quadrupling murder in New York






Shock have caused the news that two women and two children were found assassinated in the basement of the apartment they were living in New York’s Tria suburb. This is the mother, her two young children and her partner. Victims were tied and the suspect had cut off their necks, according to police sources. The family seems to have been targeted.

“I have been in this job for almost 42 years, I can say I have not seen such brutality again,” said Trouil police chief, James Tentecco, at a press conference. “Only a man of unprecedented savagery would do that,” he added, without describing the scene of the crime or telling how the victims were killed.

The two women are aged 36 and 22-year-old. While children are 11-year-old and 5-year-old respectively. The police say investigations are in the dark, there are no suspects, while appealing to anyone who knows something to say to the authorities.

“The raw, terrifying nature of crime implies that it is at least a psychopath. But we believe there is a direct link and there is no fear of the rest of the community, “Tentecko added.