I had sex to pay for my mom’s cancer treatment

Many people are willing to do everything to save their mοτηερ, a model from Russia said however to take things in her hands. Anastasia Kochervey, a model and recently television reality star, said she had sex with a man twice in return for the cost of her mother’s cancer therapies.

24-year-old beauty, made known by television from the Russian realm “Dom 2,that she had to act quickly when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. Having sold out what she had on a golden pen, she realized that again the money was not enough, so she turned to the quickest way she could think of in order to secure her medical expenses for the treatment.

And she even says that while she is not proud of what she did, it’s a “God’s gift” that her mother is still alive. Anastasia found herself in dire straits as her family faced serious financial problems, and her partner, also a player of this particular reality (Andrey Shabarlyn), did not want to help her. “We were together for a month when my mother diagnosed with cancer and had to act immediately.”

“He told me I was a cynical monster and all I wanted from him was his money. I showed him the papers that showed how expensive the treatments were and I had no other choice. ” And he turned to the gentleman who helped her with the retired.

Then she managed to get a bank loan so she did not have to re-sell her body. Her friend, however, “continues to judge her from then on, calling her a prostitute. I am not proud, but at least I have a mother alive and for me this is a gift from God “…