The most sex addicted animal on the planet

May 30 is, for unknown reason, World Aquarium Day, where humanity celebrates supposed, albeit unofficially, the fluffy and lovable aquatic mammal. Don’t be fooled by the very sweet appearance of the otter, behind the sweet eyes there is a terrible secret. And if man does not have to apply his own codes of ethics in nature, here we are talking about a creature that makes the big difference in terms of malice! Something that would enshrine the animal kingdom.

Violence and aggression are inherent in the mating pattern of the otter. During excited sex, as the otters are fertilized and reproduced, males obligate females to do their job, keeping their heads under the water and biting their faces.

Their horrifying sexual habits don’t keep them only for their kind. On the contrary! As science knows well, male otters are accustomed to engaging in “forced cohabitation” with seal babies. In the same way of encapsulation, choking and biting always. It is understood that the babies die either by internal bleeding or by the wounds they carry on their body.

It is not uncommon in the Otter’s World to continue the male’s sexual act even after the death of the female. A death that, as we said, is caused precisely by brutal sex. Numerous studies tell us here that males usually continue to co-ordinate with the dead corpses of the females and they even bury them and secure them even with their own lives as some other necrophile will be there nearby.

Though when we think of the otters come to our minds pictures of fluffy little animals, there are at least 11 other kinds of otter. And they are not sweet, as to say the giant otter of Latin America you see above. We are talking about aggressive “beasts” that can reach even 1.7 meters in height, live in herds and are exclusively carnivores, chasing everything from land animals and fish to crabs, turtles, snakes and even small crocodiles ! These species never play on the World Aquarium Day…