Severna Makedonija is the new name for FYROM – What are the benefits for Greece

Severna Macedonja” is the new name for FYROM, agreed between Athens and Skopje, after the current second telephone conversation between the prime ministers of the two countries.

Our northern neighbors have agreed to change their constitutional name for all purposes, and against all, “they have agreed to rename their country to the Republic of Severna Makedonija, namely our language in the Republic of Northern Macedonia,” said Alexis Tsipras in his TV statement to the Greek citizens.

He noted that “the name change will be implemented in terms of both international and bilateral relations, but also within,” meaning that this name will be erga omnes – vis-à-vis everyone, both abroad and internally, which means FYROM agreed to revise their constitution.

With the agreement, Alexis Tsipras stressed, “a clear separation is achieved between Greek and our neighbors and finally comes to an end in the irredentism of their current constitutional name.” According to him, the references to the Macedonian Minority as well as the need to protect it are deleted, and the article on border protection is replaced by the deletion of the problematic current petitions. He stressed that any even historically irrelevant references were removed from the preamble of their Constitution.

Sources of the Greek government explain in detail what the profits from the agreement are:

  1. The agreement fully corresponds to the national line for a complex name with a geographical designation for erga omnes use, which has been maintained for 20 years.

2. Accepting the use of erga omnes is a great diplomatic success for Greece, since in the past it has not been accepted or discussed. This means that our neighbors will not only use the agreed name in their international relations, international organizations, international fora and international documents, but also within the country.

3. The name “Republic of Northern Macedonia”, which will be recognized in our country as “Severna Makedonja“, ends the irredentism of the name “Republic of Macedonia”, which constituted the constitutional name of the neighbor and which had already been recognized by more than 140 bilateral states, including the US, Russia and China.

4. The government, however, succeeded not only in accepting the erga omnes but also in the obligation of the neighbor to proceed directly to a constitutional revision.

5. The constitutional review is a huge victory for Greece as it was not included in the national line as it has been for the last 20 years and was followed by all the subsequent PASOK and SW governments, but it has been the red line of the current government, but it has never before agreed to change its constitution on the basis of an international agreement.

6. The agreement provides for Greece to proceed with ratification only after the constitutional review in the neighboring country is completed. The invitation to NATO and the opening of EU funds will be carried out by ratification by the Macedonian parliament of the Convention but its accession to both organizations will be done after the constitutional revision, as the invitation explicitly states that it is void if it is not the condition of the review is met.

7. With this agreement, we take back our history, symbols and tradition, since in the agreement the neighboring country expressly accepts the distinction between Greek Macedonians, their ancient Greek culture, their language and the area in which they live, on the one hand, and the people of that country with their own history, linguistic and cultural characteristics on the other (see Article 7 below).

8. The name will be registered in the Macedonian constitution with the necessary revision. At the same time, the more than 140 countries that recognize the country nowadays with the term Macedonia will recognize it as Northern Macedonia.

9. The name completely separates this country from Greek Macedonia and its three regions (Eastern, Central, West).

10. The end of irresponsibility is confirmed in the most formal way, as guarantees are given in the most explicit and unequivocal way of eliminating, preventing and suppressing all sorts of irrational rhetoric and actions, whether they come from public or private entities.

11. It was ensured that all irrelevant reports were deleted from the neighbor’s constitution. For example, a) they replace the article to support their homogeneity, faithfully copying the corresponding chapter in the Greek constitution. In this context, references to protection of “Macedonian minorities” in neighboring countries are removed; b) the article on border protection is replaced by deletion of any problematic references; c) any even implicit historical references to irredentist views in the Preamble of the Constitution are removed.

12. The agreement provides that citizenship / citizenship in Northern Macedonia will be Macedonian / citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia. This unified term replaces the simple “Macedonian” currently on travel documents, so it is a clear improvement.