Serial killer Charles Manson died today at Bakerfield hospital

“He is almost dead.” These were the words of a person from the close family affair of the notorious murderer Charles Manson to TMZ journalist. Manson was transferred to Bakerfield Hospital three days ago and hospitalized in a critical condition, guarded by five police officers.

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According to the sources of the magazine, the 83-year-old seems to be in his last moments, with his state of health deteriorating hour by hour. Health problems began in January when he was hospitalized with bleeding in the intestine and surgery was considered necessary. But doctors thought he was too weak and sent him back to prison.

Manson has been in prison for more than 45 years. In the 1960s, he gathered a group of people at his home in Los Angeles and formed the organization “Manson Family,” whose members waged absolute worship in his face.

In the summer of 1969 he asked his youngest followers to murder seven people. Among the victims was also Saron Tate, the wife of Roman Polansky, who was 8 months pregnant and was stabbed 16 times by the members of the organization.

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