September Stands For- “Prostate Cancer Month”

Prostate cancer is quite a common and growing disease among the male population. According to the statistics provided by the American Cancer society for the year 2015 regarding the incidences of prostate cancer in the United States, about 220,800 new cases have been discovered and around 27,540 deaths out of this disease have taken place. Prostate cancer is so common that out of every 7 men, 1 is found to be affected.

The risk factors of this malignancy are typically the age and  positive family history. It is quite uncommon to find this disease in men below the age of 45 years. The mean age at the time of diagnosis is calculated to be around 66 years.

A new website has been launched by Men’s Health Network, in the celebration of “Prostate Health Month” this September.

The website aims at providing men all over the world a resource, where they can learn more about this cancer, along with prostitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (these two conditions make solid ground for the development of prostate cancer).

The Director of Strategic Initiatives at Men’s Health Network, Brandon Leonard states that it is an excitement to introduce this September, the Prostate Health Guide. He says his team affirms that this site would act as a beneficial guidance for the male population and their loved ones, who want to know more about health issues regarding prostate.

The web page would not only provide extensive details regarding prostatic health conditions, but shall also link the user to different organizations of the United States which are involved in the mission of prostate health awareness.

Jean J. E. Bonhomme, MD, MPH, member of MHN Board of Directors and National Black Men’s Health Network founder, says that despite of the fact that prostate cancer stands to be the second leading cause of death in males, people still are much unaware about this disease. There is an exceptional high risk in men with a positive family history, and men belonging to the African-American race. If detected early, the condition is treatable. Hence, this site provides education to men and their loved ones so as to prevent the hazards caused by the deadly prostate cancer.